Audio files from the Conference

Edward Adams
King's College, London

Sacra privata and early Christian meeting places with reference to shops and workshops

Christoph Auffarth
University of Bremen

Nach dem Opfer.
Transformation von Religion in der Spätantike:
Religion in der Familie

Andreas Bendlin
University of Toronto

Religious Agency in the Household
The Praxeology of Domestic Cult in Roman Italy

John Bodel
Brown University, Providence

Household religion and religions of the house:
The spiritual lives of Roman slaves

Sible De Blaauw
University Nijmegen

The Early History of the Roman Titular Churches:
Archaeological Traces, Memories and Myths

David Frankfurter
University of Boston

The Spaces of Domestic Religion in Late Antique Egypt

Verena Fugger
Austrian Academy of Sciences

Norbert Zimmermann
German Archaeological Institute Rome

Archaeological evidences and new questions concerning early Christian domestic cult

Katharina Greschat
University of Bochum

Oratorium nostrum.
Gregory of Tours and his Construction of a Christian lararium

Caroline Johnson-Hodge
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester

Through the Back Door:
Christianity as Household Cult

Judith Lieu
Cambridge University

Household and Family in Diaspora Judaism

Margaret Y. MacDonald
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish

Re-envisioning Ekklesia Space:
Evidence of the Flexible use of Household Space for Religious Instruction and Practice in the Pastoral Epistles

Andrew McGowan
Yale University, New Haven

Carcer autem pulcher:
Christian ritual, gender, and space

Andreas Müller
University of Kiel

The Cult in the Cell:
Domestic Religiousness in monasticism in the late antiquity

Andreas Pülz
Austrian Academy of Sciences

Alexander Schobert
Austrian Academy of Sciences

Architectural decoration with Christian Symbols in late antique/early Byzantine houses

Günther Schörner
University of Vienna

Location of domestic rituals in the Roman Empire:
an interprovincial comparison

Ulrich Volp
University of Mainz

Domestic Religion and Family Duties:
Insights from the Fathers and Cultural Anthropology