Schedule and Abstracts


Thursday, 21 May 2015

14.00–14.15:     Opening Session

14.15–15.00:     Edward Adams | King's College, London

Sacra privata and early Christian meeting places with reference to shops and workshops

15.00–15.30:     Coffee Break

15.30–16.15:     Christoph Auffarth | University of Bremen

Nach dem Opfer. Transformation von Religion in der Spätantike: Religion in der Familie

16.15–17.00:     Andreas Bendlin | University of Toronto

Religious Agency in the Household: The Praxeology of Domestic Cult in Roman Italy

17.00–17.45:     Verena Fugger | Austrian Academy of Sciences

  Norbert Zimmermann | German Archaeological Institute Rome

Archaeological evidences and new questions concerning early Christian domestic cult

18.30–20.45:     Reception and guided tour through the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities in the KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien)

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Friday, 22 May 2015

9.00–9.45:        John Bodel | Brown University, Providence

Household religion and religions of the house: The spiritual lives of Roman slaves

9.45–10.30:       David Frankfurter | University of Boston

The Spaces of Domestic Religion in Late Antique Egypt

10.30–11.00:     Coffee Break

11.00–11.45:     Sible De Blaauw | University Nijmegen

The Early History of the Roman Titular Churches: Archaeological Traces, Memories and Myths

11.45–14.00:     Lunch Break

14.00–14.45:     Katharina Greschat | University of Bochum

Oratorium nostrum. Gregory of Tours and his Construction of a Christian lararium

14.45–15.30:     Caroline Johnson-Hodge | College of the Holy Cross, Worcester

Through the Back Door: Christianity as Household Cult

15.30–16.00:     Coffee Break

16.00–16.45:     Ulrich Volp | University of Mainz

Domestic Religion and Family Duties: Insights from the Fathers and Cultural Anthropology


Saturday, 23 May 2015

9.00–9.45:         Andrew McGowan | Yale University, New Haven

Carcer autem pulcher: Christian ritual, gender, and space

9.45–10.30:       Andreas Müller | University of Kiel  

                        The Cult in the Cell: Domestic Religiousness in monasticism in the late antiquity

10.30–11.00:     Coffee Break

11.00–11.45:     Andreas Pülz | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Alexander Schobert | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Architectural decoration with Christian Symbols in late antique/early Byzantine houses

11.45–12.30:     Judith Lieu | Cambridge University

Household and Family in Diaspora Judaism

12.30–14.00:     Lunch Break

14.00–14.45:     Margaret Y. MacDonald | St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish

Re-envisioning Ekklesia Space: Evidence of the Flexible use of Household Space for Religious Instruction and Practice in the Pastoral Epistles

14.45–15.30:     Günther Schörner | University of Vienna

Location of domestic rituals in the Roman Empire: an interprovincial comparison

15.3015.45:     Closing Session