Dr. Verena Fugger (ÖAW)

→ Project Part B

born 1983 in Vienna, Austria

2002 – 2008 Studies of Art History and Archaeology at the University of Vienna

2007 Research trip to Scotland supported by the KAW research scholarship of the University of Vienna

Since 2008 PhD-Student at the Department of Classical Archeology of the University of Vienna with the dissertation project „Bilderwelten spätantiker Grabräume“

2007­ – 2013 Employee of the START-Project „Die Domitilla-Katakombe in Rom. Archäologie, Architektur und Kunstgeschichte einer spätantike Nekropole“

2010 – 2011 Scholarship student at the Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana in Rome summa cum laude

2009 – 2010 Participation of several excavation programs (Magdalensberg/Carinthia, Virunum, Carnuntum, Jerusalem)

Research interests

  • Early Christian and late antique sepulchral painting
  • Late antique funeral practice
  • Visual Studies in Classical Archeology